Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taylor Momsen

She's definitely the girl I love to hate, mostly out of envy. As millions of crazed Gossip Girl fans have tuned in for three seasons, we have all watched her rise to fame. Her metamorphasis from a seemingly sweet and innocent to a bold and blazon has simply been astounding. Each of her eclectic pieces and outfits are like a breath of fresh air. I've been so tired of seeing kids fail at reproducing an edgy look that I've really only seen Momsen pull off.

As much as anyone can try to deny, it's clear that Momsen's on-screen alter ego has most definitely had an impact on the development of her personal style. Moving from sweet and innocent Little J to the rebellious Brooklynite to the new Queen of Constance, Jenny Humphrey has shed many layers to get to where she is now. Although Gossip Girl's costume director Eric Damon does an AMAZING job of putting together these expressive extensions of each character, I must say that up until Season three I didn't think much of Jenny's clothes.

Now, for the Jenny Humphrey Fashion Timeline:

In the early episodes of Gossip Girl, a young, naive, and willing Little J did just about anything to get into Blair's inner circle. Her hair was long and blonde with a center part and most of her outfits were plain and simple.
Moving on up in the ranks, Little J poses as one of Blair's faithful minions as she formulates plans to bring the queen down. Although these outfits screamed 'Blair Wannabe' with the colorful tights and headbands, they definitely had some of J's personal twists added to the mix.
Once J realized the fruitlessness of her endeavors in Constance's inner circle, she got in touch with her rebellious side. Embracing her Brooklyn roots, J turned to a look that was a mix of pop and grunge. Often sporting a color palette of mainly black, white and grey with an occasional dash of bright color, J chased her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her most notable getup was her Constance uniform outfitted with hot pink tulle under the skirt.
Now, finally taking her rein as Queen of Constance, J traded in her choppy mop for long platinum locks as she takes on a edgy yet polished look. Gravitating towards darker, stronger colors, Queen J has taken her role of resident monarch and made it all her own. I'm not going to lie, I've been obsessed with her new look and especially coveting her Topshop Unique heart print silk mini dress (bottom left corner).
In real life, Taylor Momsen's wardrobe has been a real head-turner. Focusing on her music with her band, The Pretty Reckless, Momsen kept herself busy writing songs and performing throughout the Summer months. Ever since, Taylor's attire has grown to be increasingly risqué. In her band persona, she has emulated Courtney Love in her manner of dress and singing style. Both artistic choices have caused quite a ruckus. In one of her more recent performances she was seen wearing a sheer, oversized shirt with a garter and over-the-knee stockings. At times it's hard to remember she's only 16.

Nevertheless, her unique variety and interpretation of grunge has definitely caught the eyes of many. Taylor's look is effortless and modern which is exciting to see. Most kids who try to get in on the whole grunge bandwagon often fail and end up sporting a much tamer, bland, cliche and commercialized version of the real thing. At that point, the essence of grunge is completely lost because all of those things stand for the exact opposite of what grunge is supposed to be.
A self-proclaimed believer in rock and roll, Momsen stays true to one of her mottos which she told NYLON tv, "be yourself, be true to yourself, be who you are, and don't be afraid to be aggressive about it."