Sunday, February 28, 2010


"I'm Greta, which is just a thinly disguised anagram for great"

Hilary Duff's portrayal of rude, bratty, troubled youth Greta was a unexpected but very welcome surprise. Who'd of ever thought that little Lizze McGuire would one day shed her image of innocence and branch out with the talent that most people probably didn't know she had.
True to your stereotypical coming of age indie film, Duff plays equally stereotyped and clichéd troubled youth, Greta. Greta comes equip with all the things your average angsty teenager needs: a diary filled with dark entries and artsy collages, prescription pills for depression, sour attitude, negligent mother, and a hankering for suicide. Putting my own sarcasm aside, Greta does have a knack for delivering quick and clever one-liners that you just can't help but laugh at. The best part was seeing this new side of sweet 'ole Hilary Duff. I was genuinely excited.
All of Greta's grumbling and complaining reminded me of another complacent wispy-haired blonde, Debbie Thornberry! There's a sort of mix in Greta's wardrobe that brings a little bit of the 90s into her eclectic clothes, with the same midriff-bearing t-shirts and cutoff jeans but minus Debbie's iconic flannel and swapping out doc martens and combat boots for sneakers.
There was not a thing that Greta wore that I did not love. Each piece had this cool and vintage feel from the gauzy tank tops and beaded t-shirts to little league uniforms, and sleeveless tops. I was in shirt heaven. Adding a shirt collar to her JAWS t-shirt as a work uniform was a cheeky and clever example of Greta bending the rules and reminded me of one of my biggest obsessions, the Miu Miu Spring 2010 ready to wear line. My eyes bulged with the amazing puppy dog prints, color blocked collars, and sequined sheer dresses. Much of the color palate was the same, combining strong reds and navys with neutral colors of beige and grey.
After a while, my mind went off on a slight tangent. It started with the bike riding scene between Greta and her friend Julie when I was reminded of little Elliot riding around his friend E.T. on his own bike. From there, I went E.T. crazy. Some of the scenes I found from E.T. made me think more and more about how Greta, like E.T., was an outsider to the sleepy suburban town her grandparents lived in. Plus, I just really loved these pictures of E.T. (I also added pictures of "all flower" dresses from a project runway challenge after looking at Greta's wagon full of flowers.)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Not to hurt anyone's feelings, but I honestly only watch 90210 as a sort of "filler" show, to fill those empty hours of my life with story lines loaded with overly dramatic plots and absurd scripts that give me no choice but to make a gagging face whilst I roll my eyes. So it was out of sheer boredom and partly to feed my Gossip Girl addiction that I wasted away one entire afternoon clicking my way through endless slideshows of episode stills on the CW network website. It was only when I ran out of Gossip Girl material to review that I then ventured over to the 90210 slideshows.
Of course, being the image-obsessed packrat that I am, I was just captivated by some of the episode stills I saw.
While costumes on 90210 have never and still do not particularly impress me, it is the accessories that each of the characters wear which are what I watch for. Here, we have some pictures of the Australian duo, The Veronicas, making a guest appearance. I really liked their simple, tough/bohemian looks. These images warranted a "save to desktop".

This scene had such a light and airy mood to it, and it wasn't just because of the toilet paper. Jam packed with flowers, ruffles, chiffon, and even some tie-dye, this episode of Adrianna's shower was one of my favorites in terms of costume. The toilet paper wedding dresses were also so exciting I was about to hop out of my seat over to the bathroom and get to work.
Over the past few months, my obsession for hats has grown with increasing intensity. I spend most of my time just daydreaming about hats and hat shopping. (Yeah, definitely have my priorities in line). Combine this with my incredible love for horses and refusal to use any other kind of bag that doesn't drop down to my hip, and here we have this picture! And did I ever mention I wish I was blonde?
Aside from all that, I really just love the way the two sisters are facing one another in this shot. I hate how this will make me sound like I'm a total 90210 fanatic but their body language in this image basically sums up their relationship in the show.

Ah, and then we have Ivy. The surfing, Liam-loving, tomboy of a new comer. Out of all the characters on the show, I'd definitely have to say she'd top the "most annoying" list. Maybe it's because I can't relate to or understand her cynical and sarcastic tone towards anything girly and I think the way she pines of Liam is really pathetic. Despite all of that, the thing I love most about Ivy is her sense of style. After keeping up with this show for so long, by the way the main characters dress, you'd forget this show was even supposed to take place in California. Finally with Ivy there is someone to add a more exciting bohemian and I guess you could say, "surfer chick" vibe to the set.
Watching Ivy romp around in short cutoff jeans and beaded tunics makes her messy feelings and attitude a little more bearable to watch.
And finally, we have the 90210 collage. These pictures aren't necessarily my favorites or the one's I would have liked to have posted but they are the best out of the ones provided on the CW website. This is also the reason why the bulk of this collage is pretty much about Silver. It is interesting though, to see how much she has developed as a character through her look. As you can see by her hairstyle and clothing that she almost looks like someone completely different.
Maybe now I'll think about watching the REAL thing, you know, the original "Beverly Hills 90210". Whenever I watch 90210, I am always quite curious to see how the characters on the old show interacted, dressed or spoke and what kind of issues the show focused on, although I can't image that they would have changed all that much.