Saturday, September 25, 2010

Olivia Palermo

Lets just take a moment to give Just Jared a round of applause for being the number one distracting agent of my life. Not only has he successfully pulled me away from hours of productive work, but he has also fed my addiction to the internet. But it is post like these that make me remember, why all this unhealthy activity is worth it after all.
Olivia Palermo, the infamous Ice Queen of MTV's reality show The City is is equal parts beauty and style. This spread in ASOS killed me. Just when you think whatever Oliva Plaermo wears can't get any better, this magazine's creative styling team puts her in converse sneakers - something I imagined I'd ever see.
So yeah yeah yeah, this is old, but that doesn't mean it's still not INCREDIBLE.
Eventhough we should all know it was already there, it's still ncie to know that Ms. Palermo hass a rounded out personality unlike her flat and single-faceted persona on television. It's always strange how magazines make you feel like you have insight on famous people. The article makes me want to meet Olivia even more, and add a new subscription to my never ending list. If only I weren't so broke...
I love Oliva's "favorites" of New York City. Why aren't I living there?
Oh god. It's always pages like these that get me the worst. Behind the scenes action. This is where I need to be at too.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So you know how there are those cool kids in your school that you totally wish you could be? This guy was one of them. Here are some of his lovely artworks to look at for inspiration, and so you can re-evaluate how cool you think you actually are.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Emma Watson

So this was a million years ago, but don't tell me you don't LOVE it. Oh Emma Watson, teach me how to be effortlessly gorgeous. Teen Vogue can never fail. NEVER!
SO, since these pictures were published Emma Watson has ...
a) been going to Brown University. [how this may fit into the timeline with accurate chronology is up for debate]
b) photographed for Burberry's F/W 2010 & S/S 2010 ads. [also scoring a hip musican boyfriend along the way]
c) worn some fabulous clothes and looked pretty like always.
d) finished filming the last enstallment of the Harry Potter serries.
e) starred in a music video with the aforementioned boyfriend.
f) chopped all her hair off.
WHEW. That was a lot. I'm really ashamed I'm so behind on the times.
Mini Horses! Oh GOD, if only I could pet you guys right now. I guess I'll just have to settle for stroking my computer screen at the moment.
HAHA! No longer her boyfriend.
OH! and those leopard tights with that ruffled blouse. I can't even say..
This outfit makes me want to go on a hypothetical fox hunt and drink tea in the open English countryside. Fantastic Mr. Fox anyone?
I'm just curious, who are your style icons and inspirations Emma Watson, cause you're definitely one of mine.