Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charlie and Lola

So, there's really no hiding it. I LOVE the children's book turned television show, Charlie and Lola. Whenever I hear the brother-sister pair of British accents, I stop in my tracks. I'm not at all embarrassed, and anyone else wouldn't be either if they'd just watch the show. Maybe I'm a little biased, since I do have a penchant for anything and everything childish. I can't help but go crazy over all of young Lola's little outfits, even if they are the same exact dress in different colors and patterns. There's always been something very attractive to me about "little girl dressing" and the idea that you can just jump into this cute little dress, and go about doing your business be it jump roping or looking for treasure.
That being said, I assume it's fairly understandable why I'm still obsessed with MiuMiu's 2008 collections. The short dresses, and the collars especially, did me in. I'm not sure where to start with how great these dresses still are in my eyes. Not that social convention would have stopped me before, but these outfits transform the thought of dressing age-inappropriately into a splendid idea. Muiccia Prada stays very true to the idea of MiuMiu being Prada's "younger sister."
What began as author Lauren Child's book "I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato" sprung into Brit production company Tiger Aspect's collage cartoon Charlie and Lola. I greatly appreciate the playful whimsicality of both the books and the television series. I can safely say that this show is a go-to form of escapism. I mean, who wouldn't love their biggest worries to be about relay races or brown buckle shoes?

I feel rather dirty bringing this up here, but Lola and her friends look like the non-provocative prototypes for Courtney Love's iconic "Kinderwhore" look.
A lot of what Lola and her BFF Lotta wear remind me of what a shopper might find perusing through the lifestyle store Anthropologie. The chain boutique markets a sort of quaint and idealized way of living that suggests that no one really has to grow up. This may be evidenced by the adorable (and yet somehow sadistic) knit fox scarf, and the over-sized tortoise shell bow barrette. These are only two items from a store chock-full of household items just as colorful and cleverly decorated as Charlie and Lola's lives.
I'm even obsessed with Charlie's clothes. (I know this is getting sad ... and wierd) Just throw on a raglan baseball shirt and some Onitsuka Tiger trainers and you're basically set for life, as far as I'm concerned. You'll at least be dressed for all the most important events - those which involve adventure.
And one last thing... THERE'S A CHARLIE & LOLA WEBSITE! Ohhh, yes.
Knock yourself out.