Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bonjour Barbie!

I was just surfing the internet when I came across this!
A match made in girl heaven, Christian Louboutin designed a line of shoes for Barbie on her 50th Anniversary some time ago. These pictures of Barbie's year in Paris are simultaneously hilarious and charming. Each shot includes Mr. Louboutin himself.
Seeing this was like an instant flashback to Life Size with Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Ride Through the City's Backside.

This past weekend I revisited an old favorite, The Girls Next Door. I hate the latest season because watching that show without Holly, Bridget and Kendra is really not the same and EVERYONE KNOWS IT. It seems like fraud to allow Hugh Hefner's new gaggle of blonde bimbos parade around as "the girls next door" when they should be called something entirely different. Anyway, watching Mr. Hefner, Holly, Bridget and Kendra made me think alot about the 70's. That decade seemed like it was a really big time in the Playboy mastermind's life as well as in the Playboy empire. Seeing all inside the Playboy Mansion and especially watching episodes with Barbi Benton really made me excited about this time too.
I guess I was just having one of those weeks where all my thoughts just came together in one big cohesive clump. In my Human Biology class, we started watching Arnold Schwarzenegger's crude yet incredibly engaging Pumping Iron which just so happened to be filmed in the 70's around the height of Schwarzenegger's body building career. I was just mesmerized by the culture and mind set surrounding body builders in the little competitive world. It was hilarious yet understandable and I drank up every second of this inside look at the sport. But that wasn't all I was looking at. I was actually really obsessed with their clothes. I loved all these stretched out tank tops for working out, long socks, short shorts, and ringer tees that all just screamed American Apparel. From there, my mind just started go off on tangents, which all were somehow linked to the 70s, oddly enough.
I spent a lot of time thinking about Sesame Street muppets and Iggy Pop. A lot of what I was looking at and obsessing over in terms of clothing really tied in well to all of these ideas too. Sonia Rykiel's Fall 2010 RTW had obvious hints of the Snuffleupagus and stripes like the ones worn by Bert an Ernie. There were also a series of square-ish, bulky type suits that brought Bianca Jagger to mind.
Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 RTW was based on "all-American sportswear" which was just amazing overall. The red striped pieces matched so well with one of the polos Arnold was wearing during interviews for Pumping Iron. I was going insane.
There was also a mix of Anna Sui's Fall and Spring 2010 as well as some Moschino Cheap & Chic Spring 2010 RTW, whose flower petal rimmed sunglasses I almost cried over.
Throughout all of this, I was just really obsessed with Iggy Pop. Especially this one song, The Passenger.