Sunday, February 28, 2010


"I'm Greta, which is just a thinly disguised anagram for great"

Hilary Duff's portrayal of rude, bratty, troubled youth Greta was a unexpected but very welcome surprise. Who'd of ever thought that little Lizze McGuire would one day shed her image of innocence and branch out with the talent that most people probably didn't know she had.
True to your stereotypical coming of age indie film, Duff plays equally stereotyped and clichéd troubled youth, Greta. Greta comes equip with all the things your average angsty teenager needs: a diary filled with dark entries and artsy collages, prescription pills for depression, sour attitude, negligent mother, and a hankering for suicide. Putting my own sarcasm aside, Greta does have a knack for delivering quick and clever one-liners that you just can't help but laugh at. The best part was seeing this new side of sweet 'ole Hilary Duff. I was genuinely excited.
All of Greta's grumbling and complaining reminded me of another complacent wispy-haired blonde, Debbie Thornberry! There's a sort of mix in Greta's wardrobe that brings a little bit of the 90s into her eclectic clothes, with the same midriff-bearing t-shirts and cutoff jeans but minus Debbie's iconic flannel and swapping out doc martens and combat boots for sneakers.
There was not a thing that Greta wore that I did not love. Each piece had this cool and vintage feel from the gauzy tank tops and beaded t-shirts to little league uniforms, and sleeveless tops. I was in shirt heaven. Adding a shirt collar to her JAWS t-shirt as a work uniform was a cheeky and clever example of Greta bending the rules and reminded me of one of my biggest obsessions, the Miu Miu Spring 2010 ready to wear line. My eyes bulged with the amazing puppy dog prints, color blocked collars, and sequined sheer dresses. Much of the color palate was the same, combining strong reds and navys with neutral colors of beige and grey.
After a while, my mind went off on a slight tangent. It started with the bike riding scene between Greta and her friend Julie when I was reminded of little Elliot riding around his friend E.T. on his own bike. From there, I went E.T. crazy. Some of the scenes I found from E.T. made me think more and more about how Greta, like E.T., was an outsider to the sleepy suburban town her grandparents lived in. Plus, I just really loved these pictures of E.T. (I also added pictures of "all flower" dresses from a project runway challenge after looking at Greta's wagon full of flowers.)

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