Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Cycle Thirteen Petites

So you'd think that after thirteen lengthy cycles of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks's hit reality television show would have finally gone bust; but, if you thought that, you thought wrong. After seven years of cranking out this garbage, people are still watching it, including myself. If there's one thing that's always true about reality tv, it's got to be the undeniable addiction viewers find themselves with as they continually tune in.

As good as Ms. Banks's intentions may be, it's difficult to disguise the fact that ANTM is merely a sugar-coated version of the modeling world truth. I almost laugh at the critiques during judging as I force myself to sit through another round of high fashion, smize, commercial blah blah blah shooting out like bullets from Tyra's rose petal lips into an audience that thinks they've got a clue what the fashion world is like. I hate to sound like jaded bitch but, it's almost impossible to say this is reality. As with most programs that parade around as being an inside look into some facet of the real world, it's quite obvious that the show's projected perception of the truth is skewed. Every season is chock-full of the same clichés of poverty, rape victims, young mothers, and identity crises, all contributing to the greater theme of "rising above".
Not a single one of America's Next Top Model contest winners have gone on to become high-ranking models of the moment. Sadly, for most, the victorious and their claim to fame will remain within the confines of America's television sets. I have yet to see ANTM models anywhere else (with the exception of Cycle 13's Nicole Fox for Wildfox Couture's 2010 lookbook - which I am in LOVE with). So for now, let's just admire these nice photographs.

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