Monday, February 20, 2012

And We're Back..

So, I don't even know what I'm doing with this blog any more but I guess I'm here to revive it with new flavor. Pass dat defibrillator!

This weekend has been a mess. I don't do much to get myself in trouble, and it doesn't take a lot to make me feel super guilty either. All I want to do is listen to melancholy music and just sulk. Nothing is the universe is really letting that happen. I guess the world knows me better. 

Just spent the last eighty hours of my life cataloging movies I'd be interested in seeing and watching "Roxanne." It wasn't exactly my favorite movie, but I did appreciate C.D.'s (Steve Martin's character) positivity and deft gymnast moves.The best part for me, excluding the breathtaking Pacific Northwest landscape, was Steve Martin's costume.

I know it's pretty basic, but let's face it - I'm also obsessed with dressing in boy's clothes. His hat is pretty cool though. It reminded me of all the family vacations I'd take with my parents to Hawaii. Our number one stop was always Wal-Mart. My parents, to this day, make a b-line to the souvenir section of the store. Here, we'd find some choice additions to their wardrobe, like USS __insert ship name here___ caps and what my Mom and Dad like to refer to as "Old Man Glasses." (They still swear by their matching safety goggle-esque sunglasses, which bring me to tears every time I see them.) 

I do happen to really like these caps. They have a type of (excuse me for sounding like a poser) street-wear feel to them, and made me think of this particular episode of Kanye West's "VOYR" series of behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries.

I'm always really inspired this DIY sensibility and love to hear the stories and concepts behind artists' ideas. I felt like this was an incredible method of expression through clothes, and that they become as much a part of you as your past, all your experiences, and ideas. But look at me getting out of control like this. Anyway, here are some more images and ideas I've been hoarding in my mind this past week. 

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