Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Night Lights

This friday my high school had it's first ever night game. A crew hauled in a herd of rented "night lights" two days before the actual game. It was such a big production, and the football players and cheerleaders gave the lights a good test run before the game by running around the field wildly in the dark. I'd never seen a football game a night before and it was really breathtaking. I got the game kindof late, a situation only made worse by the traffic in front of my school, which was a NIGHTMARE. I had to turn into the next town over and slowly work my way back to the major intersection by my school's senior parking lot. I ended up parking at the very top of a huge hill and having to walk my way down to the game.
Once there, everyone in the Screamin' Scots section, the school's student cheer club, was roaring with excitement. All of their faces were painted blue as people waved banners and clapped their hands. It really felt like being in a tv show about high school.

I tried to get a few somewhat decent shots with my camera at the game but my flash decided to trow a fit and only work selectively. It was my first time using my flash for real and I didn't really take the time to make sure I had complete control over the device before I left for the game.

This is one of the History teachers at my school who is also in charge of Yearbook. He likes to wear a kilt to every football game since our mascot is a Scottish Bagpiper.

After halftime, I left for IHOP with my friend Shanise. I had a plate of these delicious Strawberry and Banana crepes and Shanise had a plate with basically everything on it.

After our "dinner" we set off on a mission to complete an item on my 'Eighty-Six list', a compilation of adventures and exciting tasks. List item: Make a bouquet for a stranger. We cheated a little bit and just bought flowers from Safeway.

We then drove to a colony of townhouses, sat in front of their mailboxes and proceeded to write a friendly note to attach to our flowers. I then spun myself around several times until I was dizzy and pointed at a random mailbox and as a result chose which doorstep to leave the bouquet on.

Here is Shanise's hand wearing one of her amazing rings as we worked on the note together and tried to make it as cheerful and creative as possible despite the fact that we had no colors.

Dear resident of: HOUSE #6
I hope these flowers brighten up your day.
♥ Sincerely,
The both of us
Me & Me

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