Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phoebe In Wonderland

This amazing film is about Phoebe Litchen (Elle Fanning), a 9 year old girl with Tourettes. Phoebe tries out for her school's production of Alice in Wonderland leading to her hallucinations and obsessive compulsive habbits, which continue to worsen throughout the film.
The set direction and costumes are so amazing. I'm in love with everything that Phoebe, her class mates and her sister wear. Even with the dark story line, the costumes and set brought a whole other dimension to the film.

While I was watching the movie, all I could think about were the amazing visuals it had to offer. I couldn't get enough of the whimsicality and overall theme of innocence. I have been obsessing over this so called "little girl" look which has only been reinforced after seeing the flawless Miu Miu Spring 2010 ready to wear line and hours of watching the British children's show Charlie and Lola.

Phoebe's sense of style is colorful and dynamic but still maintains classic look. Some of her wardrobe's basics include turtlenecks, tights, and jumpers that all come in an array of hues and patterns. Olivia, Phoebe's hilarious little sister, is also pictured in a few wild and spontaneous get-ups that are pretty inspiring too.

This film is a visual gem. The photography is stunning and the sets and costumes kept me drooling throughout.
See it.

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