Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dakota Dakota

When I was younger, I never thought much of Dakota Fanning and often took her charming personality as irritating and hammy. I remember watching her old interviews and appearances on talk shows such as the Ellen Degeneres's "Ellen Show" and finding her immense excitement and enthusiasm unbelievable. The fact was that I myself possessed many of the same mannerisms and expressions and was probably just jealous as usual. I must admit though, that watching Dakota Fanning grow into a young lady has been quite a surprise. Who'd of thought that this child star would still be classy and talented after years of media exposure. With age, Miss. Fanning has emerged with a sense of style that is cool, chic and effortless.
With the fashion spotlight on Dakota Fanning, it seemed fitting that I also highlight some of her experience in the fashion world. I have always loved the simplicity and young, hip vibe of Marc Jacob's self photographed advertisements and adding Dakota Fanning to the mix creates an innocence that makes this campaign intriguing and fresh.
I had always wanted to talk about Dakota Fanning and her cool ways and once she was featured as TeenVogue's December/January (2009) cover girl, I jumped at the chance to feature her here and take advantage of these beautiful slides courtesy of In each shot, Dakota is styled with a fresh, fun and girly eye with exciting prints and fun accessories. I absolutely loved the Rodarte for Target leopard print dress and the Marc Jacobs jelly platforms.

Dakota Fanning's independent sense of style showcases a mix of classic, young and funky. Even as Miss. Fanning's ensembles all seem fairly mature, she manages to walk the line between appropriate and far too much ever so gracefully. Each of her outfits seems to have taken cues from timeless looks while adding modern twists here and there such as acid washed jeans or an open-back tank top.

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